The First

From its humble beginnings, Jumax Korea became the No. 1 supplier of world-wide beverages.

The High Level Management

Jumax Korea keeps track of liquor inventory with an advanced management system operated under strict policies.

The Variety

Jumax Korea has been dedicated to uncovering the world’s various beverages and provides Korean market a greater choice.
Jumax Korea, No.1 supplier of beverages from different countries
Set a trend by introducing the world’s most intriguing beverages to the Korean market
The Variety

We offer a wide range of beverage choices at reasonable prices.

The novelty

We work to find innovative and exciting brands to first introduce to the Korean market

HH; Health and Happiness

We bring joy to our customers by providing healthy and tasty beverages.

With our ample experience, we build a strong network with exclusive brands

Jumax Korea has been dedicated to uncovering various and tasty beverages from different countries and sharing them with the Korean market. Our exclusive beverage brands loved by customers include Langers, Franklin, AMA Time, Rauch, and others.

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distribution channels

Four Key Factors that make Jumax Korea No.1 Beverage Importer


Industry Leaders

Jumax Korea has become one of the leading beverage suppliers with more than 20 years of know-how accumulated since its establishment in 1997.


Wide range of local partners

Jumax Korea provides premium imported beverages to various channels including department stores, convenience stores, wholesale markets, HORECA (hotel, restaurants, and cafes).


1000 + TEU per year

We import over 1,000 containers annually from different countries and show the growing measures.


Vietnam Branch

With our know-how and exclusive beverage brands, Jumax Korea established Jumax Vina, a Vietnamese branch, in 2020. This has paved way for Jumax Korea to venture into not only the Asian market but also the global market.

You can find world-wide beverages in various sales channels.

01.Department Stores

You can find Jumax-imported beverages at major department stores in South Korea. Among them, Lotte Department Store is Jumax’s exclusive contract premium channel.

02.Horeca (Hotel, Restaurant, and Café)

Jumax-imported beverages are available at famous café franchises and premium hotels. They are served as welcome drink in places including premium cinemas and luxury fashion brand stores.


Jumax-imported beverages are available 24/7 convenience stores in the country (mainly in metropolitan and downtown areas).


You can easily purchase our products online from websites including Coupang, Market Kurly, and SSG.

01. New Product Lines

Anytime, Everywhere! Non-Alcoholic Sparkling Wine, FULL MOON

02. Notice

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